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Scan the Dark Web for your business, daily.

Business identity theft poses an increasing threat as employees and team members utilize their business emails and identities online.  When employee emails and passwords are comprised, a quick change insures their security.

The Business Identity Profile provides:

  • Dark Web Monitoring: Monitoring of 5,000+ Dark Web Sites 24/7 x 365
  • Dark Web Threat Alerts: Proactive monitoring for your organizations stolen or compromised data and real-time alerts when data is discovered.
  • Compromised Data Trending & Bench-marking: Gain insight into your organizations current threat posture while bench marking it against your peers and the industries that you serve.

Powered by DarkWeb ID.

This service is part of the POLARITY offering from briteCITY.  POLARITY is $11 per computer and $11 per mailbox per month.  This is in addition to your briteCITY Managed Service Plan.  All individuals in your organization must participate in order to maintain a strong defense.

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