briteCITY Email Quarantine – AntiSpam Service

Email Threat Protection

This Service prevents spam, phishing scams, viruses, malware, and other Internet pollution from impacting your e-mail. Not only does Email Threat Protection utilize more than 60 types of filtering techniques, but it employs multiple anti-virus engines. The following features are included in the Email Threat Protection Service:

  • Home – This feature displays account-specific Email Threat Protection statistics. This dashboard includes Spam Statistics and a graphical display of Total Spam versus Valid Messages.
  • Quarantine – This feature provides a temporary storage location for messages that have been identified as spam or malware, as well as a storage location for messages that have been released or deleted. You may view, release, and/or delete messages from here.
  • Report Settings – This feature allows you to customize your Quarantined Message Report settings.
  • Aliases – This feature allows you to view associated user aliases.
  • Filtering – The Filters section allows the end user to enable/disable filtering and customize their allowed sender lists without the help of an administrator. (Note that this option is only available for Email Threat Protection users. Spam filtering cannot be disabled for Hosted Exchange users.)
  • Support – This feature contains support contact information, Web Help link, and a tutorial video collection for end users.