Daytime Patching

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What is Daytime Patching and which computers are affected?

  • Daytime Patching allows Windows updates to be installed outside the scheduled patch window if your computer is offline during the patch window. This helps keep computers up to date if they are turned off or in sleep mode during the patch window.

How can I prevent my computer from installing updates during the day?

  • Keep your computer turned on over night to allow patch installation to take place during the scheduled patch window of 3-5AM. If you have a laptop, this means leaving it with the lid open, and the AC adapter plugged in and charging the laptop.

Do I need to be logged into my PC?

  • No. In fact, it is better if you are logged out. This allows Windows Update to restart your computer if necessary. If you are logged in (even if your computer is “locked”), we do not force a restart of your PC. This means patches might not get fully applied until you reboot next.

Will this cause disruption to my daily work?

  • Occasionally, Windows updates can affect computer performance. However, it is usually minimal and temporary. And, keeping your computer turned on overnight during the patch window will prevent this by allowing patches to install at that time.

Why the change?

  • Windows updates are an important component of digital security. The longer a computer goes without updates, the more at-risk it is to malicious software. Enabling daytime patching will help keep more computers current on their patching.
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